New hymns and songs from Aotearoa New Zealand

Sung by Viva Voce, conducted by John Rosser
Organ and piano: Michael Bell
Recording engineer: Paul McGlashan, Classic Sound

Recorded at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand on 29 July, 3 & 5 August, 2010.

1. God bless our land (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
2. Always there’s a carol (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
3. Here in the busy city (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
4. Peace be with you (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
5. From this holy time (Marnie Barrell/Barry Brinson)
6. Honour the dead/Hymn for Anzac Day (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
7. Lord Jesus, look on this we do (John Paisley/Colin Gibson)
8. Companions, let us pray together (David Clark, Witi Ihimaera/David Hamilton)
9. Matthew was a lonely man (Colin Gibson/John Gibson)
10. Let us go in your peace/Pauatahanui Blessing (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray)
11. God of ages (Jocelyn Marshall/Christopher Marshall)
12. O God, to you I cry in pain (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray)
13. On a cool and autumn dawn (Bill Bennett/Bill Bennett)
14. My heart is leaping/Mary’s Song (Marion Kitchingman/Barry Brinson)
15. E te Ariki (Traditional/Wi-Patena Te Pairi)
16. All will be well (William Wallace/Alison Carey)
17. Look in wonder (Shirley Murray/Jim Strathdee)
18. Beautiful presence (Joy Cowley/Barry Brinson)
19. God was in Christ (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
20. In what strange land (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
21. Thank you for the night Jenny McLeod/Jenny McLeod)
22. Nothing, nothing in all creation/Hope is our song (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
23. In the name of Christ (Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson)
24. Wisdom far beyond our knowledge (Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson)
25. Christ ascends to God/A Hymn for Ascension (Marnie Barrell/Barry Brinson)
26. Christ has changed the world’s direction/Peacemakers’ Hymn (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
27. Where the light of Easter Day (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray)