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A selection of 18 hymns by Shirley Erena Murray and played on keyboards by Roy Tankersley
Source for printed words and music in brackets

1. Christ is alive (AA)
2. Come to our land (AA)
3. Every day (AA)
4. Gentle God (AA)
5. Loving  Spirit (AA)
6. Our life has its seasons (AA)
7. Small things count (AA)
8. Take my gifts (AA)
9. Touch the earth lightly (AA)
10. Where is the room?(AA)
11. Who is my mother? (AA)
12. Broken the body (FFS)
13. Dream a dream (FFS)
14. For everyone born (FFS)
15. God of the Bible (FFS)
16. God speed you on your way (FFS)
17. Song of faith (FFS)
18. We are the singers (FFS)

AA = Alleluia Aotearoa (1992)
FFS = Faith Forever Singing (2000)

There are hymnbooks and choral CDs for the two titles above.

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