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A selection of 27 hymns by Colin Gibson and played on keyboards by Colin Gibson
Source for printed words and music in brackets

1. Fancy Noah sailing in the ark (FFS)
2. For the crowd another busy day (FFS)
3. For the man and the woman (AA)
4. Great ring of light (AA)
5. He came singing love (AA)
6. I’m a fishbowl Christian (FFS)
7. In this familiar place (AA)
8. Is there no other way but this (AA)
9. It all depends on where I’m going (FFS)
10. I’ve never seen an elephant (AA)
11. Let justice roll down (AA)
12. Let me be kind to you (FFS)
13. Lord of all love (AA)
14. May the anger of Christ be mine (FFS)
15. Open, open the stable door (COC)
16. Nothing is lost on the breath of God (FFS)
17. O spring in the desert (FFS)
18. Out of such sun and air (AA)
19. The Lord God walked in paradise (FFS)
20. There’s straw in the manger (COC)
21. These hills where the hawk flies lonely (FFS)
22. The wind blew keen (AA)
23. This table is the Lord’s (FFS)
24. To compassion and to justice (FFS)
25. We are many, we are one (FFS)
26. Where the road runs out (AA)
27. With a hoot and a toot (AA)

AA = Alleluia Aotearoa (1992)
COC = Carol our Christmas (1996)
FFS = Faith Forever Singing (2000)

There are hymnbooks and choral CDs for all three titles above.

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