Carol Our Christmas CD Contents





Listing of all tracks including names of, first, the writer of the words, second, the composer of the music. Full list of choirs featured on the CD at the end.

1. Carol our Christmas, an upside down Christmas, Shirley Murray/ Colin Gibson
2. Gloria in excelsis Deo, Colin Daley
3. Child of Christmas story, Shirley Murray/Richard Madden
4. Look towards Christmas! Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
5. Clippety clop, clippety clop, Jackie Wise/Jackie Wise
6. Come now, Lord Jesus, Shirley Murray/Zulu melody
7. Sing a carol for summer, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
8. All who would see God’s greatness, Marnie Barrell/Ian Render
9. And did you see Him, little star? Helen Clyde/Colin Gibson
10. Where is the room? Shirley Murray/David Dell
11. Open, open, open  the stable door, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
12. All over creation, Shirley Murray/David Dell
13. Don’t tell anyone, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
14. Gloria, Gloria, glory in the highest, Colin Gibson
15. Awake before sunrise, Bill Bennett/Bill Bennett
16. Peace Child, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
17. Te Harinui/Not on a snowy night, Willow Macky/Willow Macky
18. Greetings, little child of Bethlehem, Cecily Sheehy/Cecily Sheehy
19. Star-Child, earth-Child, Shirley Murray/Carlton Young
20. The stars danced, Barbara Gillard/Barbara Gillard
21. Set the sun dancing, Shirley Murray/Shona Murray
22. You are born in us again, Mark Wilson/Mark Wilson
23. Come in, come in New Year, Shirley Murray/Ian Render
24. Heav’n is ringing (Merry Christmas Rag) Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson

Participating choirs:
Wellington Youth Choir
Wellington Cathedral Choir
Sings Harry
Wellington Secondary Students’ Choir
Rachel Gillon and Mike Wespel-Rose

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