Welcome to the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust
We publish contemporary hymns, songs and carols by New Zealand writers and composers
The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust was founded in 1978 by the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian Churches and the Associated Churches of Christ.
In 1982, in collaboration with the Australian Hymn Book Committee and Collins Liturgical, it published With One Voice with New Zealand Supplement.
Since then it has pioneered the publication of New Zealand hymns and songs, sung by a growing number of churches throughout New Zealand and also overseas - USA, Canada, the UK and especially Australia.
All the songs are ecumenical, contemporary in language and imagery and are created by New Zealanders.
Published and distributed by
The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust Inc
PO Box 4142, Manawatu Mail Centre, Palmerston North 4442
Tel (06) 3569681
Email: info@hymns.org.nz

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The office of the NZHBT no longer sells Trust books or CDs
Epworth Books are now in charge
of all retail and wholesale sales.

Freephone 0800 755 355

NZ Hymns for Lectionary

The NZHBT prepares lists of hymns and songs from its books suitable for Sunday worship lectionary readings and themes. These lists come out quarterly in the following sequence: January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December. These are sent out through the central email networks of the Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. If you would like to receive these direct from the NZHBT contact the office at info@hymns.org.nz and ask to be added to the list of addressees for the lectionary NZ Hymn list.